Mission Accomplished

As a congregation, we are intentional to continuously grow. We grow with our whole selves: our intellect, emotions, bodies and joy. And we grow into God’s purpose for us: Christ-Centered lovers of God, Centrifuges of His Love to others, and Cultivators of His love to the World. Traits of the results of this growth are detailed in the chart below, what we call “The Abundant Life Frame.”

The chart is how we understand Jesus’ purpose statement in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” We say that our mission is accomplished when all of us have the Abundant Life that Jesus Christ gives.

Our Abundant Life Frame

Study the Bible and theology to increase my love of JesusLearn strategies that overcome obstacles in all relationshipsLearn how to use God’s resources for His will

Trust all my emotions to GodChoose unconditional love for allPassionately pursue my call even when it is difficult

Keep my body pure and rested to worship God whollyBuild up people through serviceDiscipline my body and resources to use them for God

Go beyond obedience and enjoy God for all He isCelebrate friendshipAm thankful for all God’s gifts, resources and creation